Jean Michele Jarre

  Equinoxe (1978)  Magnetic Fields (1981)  Oxygene (1976)  Revolutions (1988)

Jetro Tull

Aqualong (1971)  Songs from the Wood (1977)  Thick as a Brick (1972)

John Anderson

Animations (1982)  Song of Seven (1980)

Jon and Vangelis

Friends of Mister Cairo Private Collections Short Stories

Julio Iglesias

Emociones Loro Di Ich Schick dir eine Weisse Wolke

Justin Hayward

Moving Mountains (1985)  Songwriter (1977)  Blue Jays (with John Lodge) (1975) Night Flight (1980)

John Mayer

  Battle Studies (2009) Sob Rock (2021)

J Diversen

James Brown - Pop History Vol 3  James Dean Bradfield - Even in Exile Joe Cocker - The Life of a Man  John Lennon Imagine (1971)

  John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John -  Grease  Johnny Cash - A Thing Called Love

  Juliane Werding - Sehsucht Ist Unheilbar (1986)